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Karrington Private Homecare is a new Introductory Live in Care Agency that connects highly trained, reliable and kind carers with private families. We take pride in our Live in carers who go above and beyond to provide a stellar service to our clients and their families.

Our founder started out as an 18 year old Dementia carer in 1992. Over the course of 3 decades, our founder has built up a wealth of hands on experience in most types of care, including Alzheimers, Disability, Advanced Dementia, Schizophrenia, Elderly, Brain Injury, End of Life, Assisted Living, Residential and Homecare.

Karrington Private Homecare Live in carers are carefully selected and thoroughly background vetted. Our recruitment selection process is vigorous and we only select individuals who share our values of Respect, Dignity and Confidentiality at all times, and demonstrate qualities that we believe make a good carer, like empathy, kindness, patience, reliable, friendly, confident and compassionate.

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Live-in Care

Live in care has grown rapidly in popularity because most people want to live out the sunset years of their lives in the comfort of their own home, where there is familiarity and a world of memories with family and friends.

An undeniable fact is that with a Live in carer, you or your loved one not only get personalised care to suit your needs, but also have constant attention of the Live in carer for help or support. At a care home, no matter how great it is, a loved one does not get instant attention or same carer every time, and carers do get overwhelmed with many residents needing attention at the same time, such that, unfortunately, loved ones fall through the cracks.

At home, you or your loved one have help or support on standby, your Live-in carer is there to help you to live a better quality of life, come and go as you please, which cannot be done in a care home. Receiving person-centred care in your own home is ideal, a carer there 24 hours a day, helping you to remain independent, maintaining ties with the community, enjoying outdoor life, eating out, taking trips, carrying on with your hobbies and making the best of day to day life.


Nicholas Ball

“After a major operation, I needed support to help me get back on my feet, my carer helped me in eating, dressing and toileting. It took me 3 weeks, and my carer played a big part in my recovery.I felt fully supported and just having someone there to help me gave me great piece of mind”

Joanne O'Brien

“We specifically wanted a male carer for dad and the delivery of care was more than we expected. Dad has maintained his leisure activities and has company for days out and we feel dad is in good hands”

Sophie Lyons

“We had 2 carers because dad had Advanced Dementia, the carers were absolutely highly trained in Dementia and were kind and patient even when dad showed aggression.They continue to take great care of him and and we value the support they are giving us a family”


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Peace of mind is important to Karrington Private Homecare for our clients and their families.

We take pride in connecting our clients and their families with high quality, reliable and kind Live in carers, who deliver a stellar care service with dignity, patience, confidence, respect and confidentiality at all times.

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